Street Photography Tour in Berlin

Discover Berlin’s alternative People and Art Scene: Join Our Unique Street Photography Tour!

Suitable for photography enthusiasts with photocameras or Smartphones!

Embark on a journey through the alternative side of Berlin with our exclusive photo tour. Delve into the vibrant world of graffiti and street art that lies off the beaten path, away from the typical tourist spots.

Led by a professional photographer, the small group tour offer an intimate exploration of Berlin’s best-kept secrets.

Designed for adventurous travelers and those seeking an authentic Berlin experience, my tour is perfect for anyone who wants to explore beyond the mainstream attractions. Whether you’re armed with a professional camera or just your smartphone, my tour caters to all levels of photography enthusiasts.

Capture the essence of Berlin’s street art scene while learning about the fascinating stories behind each artwork. Gain valuable insights and tips from my knowledgeable guide to enhance your photography skills.

My five-hour tour promises an immersive experience, where you’ll uncover the hidden gems and lesser-known corners of the city. After capturing stunning shots throughout the tour, we gather for a communal meal, sharing stories and discussing the highlights of the day.

Photo Cameras and Smartphones are welcome!

Discover the alternative Stree Art of Berlin. Questions are always welcome!

Join me for a memorable journey through Berlin’s underground art scene and unlock the city’s hidden treasures one photograph at a time. Book your spot now and embark on a unique adventure!

The GH Photography School run by the internationally experienced photographer Roberto Garcia  has set itself the goal of sharing photographic knowledge with interested people. Roberto Garcia has been teaching the art of photography in Berlin for more than 10 years and has had more than 1,800 students so far. In addition to the photography courses and photo workshops for beginners and advanced photographers, street photography workshops and many other photography courses are also offered in Berlin.

Course content:

  • Photographing Street Art with different techniques.
  • Creative Photography.
  • How to handle the Photocamera and Smartphone correctly when photographing moving subjects and in different lighting conditions.


  • 5 hour photography Tour and course in Berlin .
  • Each participant work with their own camera or Smartphone.
  • Maximum of 6 participants
  • 99 Euro

What to bring :

  • Smartphone or photo camera.
  • Fully charged battery.
  • Memory card (Just for the photo camera)
  • Most important of all: Please bring a good mood to the photography course, :)

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